CRM For the Tourism Industry

7 Seas

Expedia CruiseShipCenter’s CRM was redesigned to enable the user to find, use, and accomplish their tasks in an intuitive, effortless manner, with the least amount of training as possible. Additionally, the site would also reflect the corporate brand, demonstrating to their customers that the company is a top level enterprise dedicated to its users.

Various ways I was trying to accomplish this were:

User-Centric layout and design: This would dramatically improve ease of use. This is achieved by having a clean, clear design with a dashboard page for each section displaying clearly the categories within the section.

Expandability: The navigation and sections are designed for expandability, in which item can easily be added, or removed if desired.

Dynamic Interface: sections will be able to be displayed or not displayed according to each user role.
More navigation / search aids: For example, the footer will contain a simplified sitemap as an additional search aid and quick reference guide for users. As well, there could be a general search feature on the top right of each page.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Now all browsers will be able to be used.

Three new sections for this website: Resources, 7 SEAS, and Change Your Life.